Melbourne is known for its laid back lifestyle and hipster culture. We are high on fashion and known for our coffeee. If you into architecture then it’s a visual treat for ya, our lanes are full of Euro – Victorian style arch with some rad graffiti art.

There is always something  happening around the year, let that be Cricket, Grand Prix or Melbourne open. We like to keep it active I guess. Art is much appreciated in my city, so if you visiting Melbourne do check our national art gallery, currently they are exhibiting Van Gogh and Aladdin at theatre.Melbourne is a shopping hub, there are en number of high end designer around, if you up for window shopping then Collins and Burke street is the place to be.we are famous for our brunch dates, our weekends roll around branching and bar crawling. Can’t help it we are big fan of tostie and avocado, and yes we can’t do without beer, do try VB  Wind your day with one off the broadway shows playing in our regent theatre, end it with a glass of wine, that’s my wayWait if you looking for light snack then China town is the place to go, it’s alive till midnightIf you still looking for adventure then head south warf, and feel Melbourne nightlife. Casino fire are way too cool manI hope you find my post helpful. Let me know how you go and if you need help message me. Have been calling Melbourne home for lasts six years and still our laneways surprises me at times. Melbourne is easy to travel around. There is a free city tram that you can hop on and go around the city. There is a day pass for $8ish AUD that you can use for train, tram and bus. Melbourne is expensive but doable. Hope you have good time 😀

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